CGI render of blue donkey and red elephant symbolizing US democrats and republicans

As election cycle heats up, candidates must be wary of using AI in campaign ads

Disinformation, ethics, bias and misleading voters are among the challenges candidates must be aware of as they enter the 2024 race.

Smart phone displaying Amazon logo

5 ways Amazon Advertising remains recession-proof

The e-commerce giant continues to ‘buck wider advertising trends.’

young woman showing a thumbs up while using a phone to film at home

From creator to creative: Why agencies are recruiting social media stars

Creators are bringing their nimble creative savvy and short-form expertise to full-time agency roles, but face challenges adapting to client demands and agency culture.

Presentation at Newfronts 2023

At Newfronts, tech platforms look to differentiate increasingly similar offerings

Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube attempted to distinguish their short-form video products, while talk of AI was noticeably quiet.

Image of a woman using a smartphone in the subway.

‘No longer reliable’: Twitter chaos means public safety messaging gets a rethink

Transportation and public-health agencies used to go to Twitter first during an emergency. Now it’s not so simple.

woman watching streaming tv

As upfronts near, can attention live up to the hype?

Or is this newish metric just another shiny object?

A view of rainbow bottles of Bud Light during the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards New York

How Bud Light’s abandonment of the trans community could influence Pride

In light of the ongoing controversy between Bud Light and trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, brands must decide whether to move forward with Pride plans — or succumb to a vocal minority.

Bed Bath and Beyond closing sign

5 reasons Bed Bath is headed to the great beyond — and one opportunity that could still save it

Its efforts to become an ‘omni-always’ retailer have so far fallen short.

Shot of Dylan Mulvaney at a broadway opening

‘A big step back’: Creative leaders fear brands will retreat from LGBT support after Bud Light backlash

Experts worry about a broader chilling effect on brands speaking up on divisive social issues after the backlash to Bud Light’s partnership with influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Headshot of Sarah Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds’ business advice: Hire trans creatives

The HiBob CMO discusses their experience coming out in the corporate world and the importance of a diverse workplace.

Screen shot from the 'Barbie' movie

How Hollywood is helping brands reach ‘ad avoiders’

Movies like Air and Super Mario Bros. move the needle.

people walking past billboards in subway station

What are the ethical implications of weight-loss ads – and are marketers responsible?

As weight loss drugs and injectables flood the market, how can advertisers act responsibly?

Dylan Mulvaney at her Day 365 Live! in New York in March

Self-inflicted wounds haunt Anheuser-Busch’s Dylan Mulvaney crisis response

Bud Light failed at trying to appease two conflicting audiences, say PR executives.

Camera being operated on set

Agencies add valuable perspective as in-house brand studios grow

Brands with in-house content studios have more ownership of ideas, but agencies bring crucial outside perspectives.

Dylan Mulvaney at the PFLAG 50th Anniversary Gala at The New York Marriott Marquis

Thoughtful strategy is imperative when working with trans influencers

Industry professionals discuss navigating the risk of backlash when working with trans influencers, and why representation is worth the pushback.

CGI render of shopping cart and e-commerce websites

Six ways retail media is evolving in 2023

Non-endemic advertisers, online to in-store activations, new metrics and generative AI are shaping the next phase of this $100 billion and growing global industry.

Stock art of the TikTok app

Meta’s Reels is building a home for TikTok refugees

Leading TikTok-focused agencies are encouraging clients to diversify their social media presences, with the Meta product getting the first look.

Real-life autistic girl Ash acting in the docufilm

How Vanish’s faithful autism docudrama got made

Havas London, Vanish and director Tom Hooper went to great lengths to bring the experience of autism to life as honestly as possible.

TikTok logo on building

The end of TikTok? Influencer marketing pros prep for possible ban

The super-popular app is in the crosshairs of both Democrats and Republicans, worrying content creators and the brands that work with them.

Creem Magazine reboot

Creem and Spin rock again at SXSW. Are their reboots viable or just clouds in our coffee?

One has a new magazine cover that’s too naughty for the USPS.

From left to right: Tahlia Gray, Charlotte Mair, Jhenelle Green, Seyi Alawode and Jamelia Donaldson

Meet five Black women business owners breaking barriers and embracing equity

Inspired by International Women's Day earlier this month, Shannie Mears, head of talent at The Elephant Room, profiles five Black women business owners who are building brands and striving to make the world a better place for business, community and self.

Woman wearing augmented reality glasses holding smartphone, metaverse concept

Can the metaverse make a comeback in 2023?

Is it game over for the metaverse, or is it just getting started? Many brands gambled and lost last year. Have lessons been learned? And what are the next evolutions of metaverse brand activations we'll likely see this year?

Young Black woman filming a beauty and makeup vlog

Deinfluencer trend is a ‘cry out’ for more credible partnerships and content experiences

Experts explain why the #deinfluencing movement is a good thing for content creators and brands.

Collage of female influencers

#Unstereotype: Have influencers done a better job of eroding gender stereotypes than advertising?

Many female influencers encourage body positivity, encouraging followers to 'be themselves'. But has this meaningfully eroded harmful gender stereotypes? And is traditional advertising keeping pace?

Woman gamer holding game console controller

Female gamers are harassed online. Are platforms doing enough?

Recently, we highlighted the shocking misogyny that female gamers face in esports. Continuing the thread, in the run-up to International Women’s Day, Campaign deep dives into the root cause to find lack of DEI is a systemic problem.

Members of ANC-COP21 staged a protest in front of the townhall of Toulouse

How brands and agencies should talk about sustainability

Amid fears of greenwashing and a new era of greenhushing, brands are tiptoeing around communicating their sustainability journeys.

Pressure gauges display a reading on a heat pump installed at the BTB Heizkraftwerk Schoeneweide thermal power plant in Berlin, Germany (Credit: Getty Images)

‘It's going to be messy’: Ad industry scrambles to standardize sustainability

Sustainability working groups and coalitions are still figuring out how to measure and benchmark carbon emissions before reduction efforts can get underway.

Hand holding pencil eraser over screen with clear cookie, history and cache options

Data clean rooms: The solution for brands' identity hurdles?

The demand for DCRs has skyrocketed due to privacy concerns and growing first-party data use by advertisers. We look at how effectively brands are using this tool and what its limitations are.

Paul Scharre, senior fellow, Center for a New American Security, views a deepfake video of former president Barack Obama

The creator marketing complex is unprepared for deepfakes

And it could result in victimized creators losing out on brand partnerships.

Kansas City Chiefs fans looking at phone

Twitter remains core to Super Bowl ad plans, but other platforms emerge

Brands still find value on Twitter for the Big Game – but they’re using other platforms too, as they remain wary of potential brand safety issues and ongoing turmoil.


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