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Clip art of internet spam popups and ad blockers

Marketers screwed up online advertising. Here’s how we can fix it.

The internet deserves better.

Campaign Savvy wordmark with headshot of Campaign US editor Alison Weissbrot

As we embrace AI, let’s not repeat the mistakes of the internet

Companies are doubling down on AI investments, but thoughtful regulation is imperative.

Headshot of Carolyn Lok

Yes, Asian Americans are still here. Did you forget us?

We don’t just exist during the month of May.

Headshot of Micaela VanderMost

Pride starts now for brands that mean it

The stakes are higher than ever in 2023.

Headshot of Mark Pollard

Why always-on agency life is causing strategists to burn out

In an industry which rewards good work with more work, strategists struggle to stop, like a Tesla in flames.

Twitter blue checkmark badge with face with X eyes

The rise and fall of the blue checkmark

The recognition and respect that comes with good marketing or PR is earned.

Campaign Savvy wordmark with headshot of Campaign US editor Alison Weissbrot

AI and offshoring underpin permanent revolution in holding company strategies

As the agency business faces economic uncertainty and reshapes itself for the future of work, holding companies are leaning into artificial intelligence and offshoring.

Cannabis leaves

It’s 4:20…everywhere

Why weed went viral.

Pile of vintage TV with one in standby

The upfront that changed everything? Wait until next year.

Macroeconomic conditions lend themselves to business as usual.

Workers having a meeting in a hybrid working space

Busting the myth that remote work doesn't work for creatives

How to tackle the biggest lie we tell ourselves in a post-office world.

Modern brand

Screen shot of Kraft Mac & Cheese ice cream tweet

Does your brand really need to be an ice cream flavor? Maybe.

In an era of endless brand collaborations, here’s how to ensure that yours are both fresh and covetable.

Young woman with colored hair is shopping online with a credit card

When ‘best value’ and ‘personal values’ clash: The Gen Z dilemma

If your brand’s core value proposition hinges on being cheap and fast, eventually you’ll lose out to someone doing the same thing cheaper and faster.

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Brands are missing out on reaching millennial moms on TikTok

So many marketers hold out on TikTok, thinking of it as a Gen Z-only platform — a perception that may stem from lack of exposure.

Provocative Minds

Headshot of Zach Kitschke

Three ways brands can eliminate content struggles

And start creating masterworks at scale.

Headshot of John Neerland

How copywriters can stop worrying and learn to love AI

Our new overlords can be partners in elevating our creative output.

CGI target with diverse profile icons

Our ads don’t reflect our audience

Creative data affirms gap between action and intent remains large.

People and Culture

Headshot of Maria Vorovich

Craving human-centricity? Remove war language from your brand’s vocabulary

Military language proliferates in marketing culture – and the nature of these words carry impact.

Diverse portraits of business people
Headshot of Libby Brockhoff

Creatives need to take up the trans cause

Our industry depends on people who redefine living.


Image of a cannabis plant

Why brands should get into the weeds on cannabis disinformation

When social media platforms boot legitimate cannabis companies, it leaves more room for other sources of information, not all of which are reliable, says NuggMD’s Alex Milligan.

Headshot of Kimmy Shoval

Why brands should make influencers a bigger part of Super Bowl plans

Traditional TV spots have typically dominated the nation’s biggest night in sports. Here’s how influencer marketing could offer a different way forward.

Person watching streaming TV on tablet device

Brands are on board with CTV advertising. What about consumers?

Viewers aren’t choosing lower-priced subscription services because they want to see more advertising.


Megaphone covered in green plant growth, sustainability concept

We can design ad tech to be more sustainable now

We can not offset our way to sustainability. We need to physically alter the way our technology works.

Ad with words "Now is powerful"

How brands are writing a new playbook for a new era

Challengers who seize on transformation and trailblaze new paths to growth will win this new era of marketing transformation.

Jan Wittek

Consumer privacy can’t be divisive, because it’s table stakes

No one wins when we polarize consumer privacy.


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